Jun 3, 2023
ETM Vol.1
I released my first electronic music album! A soundtrack to a dystopian future where giant, futuristic mecha-robots battle in factional warfare. Journey with me as I sketch out a sonic landscape wher
Jan 22, 2023
Thoughts on airbrush booths
I’ve been building Gunpla for a while now, and if there’s one thing I’ve come to appreciate, its having a decent airbrush booth. Now having recently moved to America, I had to get rid one my one that
Aug 12, 2022
Blender WIP #1
Aug 5, 2022
Blender panel lines
Coming from a background of building Gunpla, it was inevitable that at some point I would want to learn how to transfer over various techniques to blender when doing modeling. A lot of the stuff I ten
Jul 4, 2022
Setting up UE5 on OSX 12.4 (Apple Silicon)
I have tried multiple times in the past few months to get a decent code-centric development environment up and running on Apple Silicon, and have failed almost every time. This time I thought I would
Jun 17, 2022
Learning UE5
Slate Why Slate over UMG? Slate is Unreal’s low level UI system upon which UMG was built. UMG is more of a Blueprint superset of Slate and is better suited when using the visual designer. Since I h
Apr 19, 2022
Three projects i'm working on
As of right now i’m effectively working working on three different projects. ETM The first is a an electronic soundtrack to a non existent movie I thought up to force me to learn new skills in musi
Apr 17, 2022
Im on the internet
it's about time I had a new site, so here it is! For those that are new here, I'm MechaFox, a digital artist (outside of work) who has interests in Gunpla, music production, drawing, 3D-art a