Im on the internet

Im on the internet

it's about time I had a new site, so here it is!

For those that are new here, I'm MechaFox, a digital artist (outside of work) who has interests in Gunpla, music production, drawing, 3D-art and computer graphics. When I'm not working (in the software engineering industry), I spend time trying to learn a range of different creative disciplines.

Even though I am a software architect by profession, art of all forms has always been a huge part of my life. I believe that well engineered systems should not only be highly functional & practical, but should also be beautiful and exhibit the flare of the creator. This mindset has driven most of my creative endeavors and has allowed me to express my ideas using a broad range of skills.

Behind all of my projects however, is my love for highly futuristic and dystopian concepts which has led me to learn about crafting electronic soundscapes, the mecha aesthetic and world building designed to push characters to their limits.

I realized that while I am an amateur in may of these areas, I could learn to develop my skills further if I had one massive project that could pull all my interests together. I have therefore decided to make a game in a dystopian alternate universe where I can create music, gameplay and build a story to reflect some of my ideas.

I hope you find my projects interesting, and come along for the ride!